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TMNT AFA Graded Population

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 ​I will give my personal opinion on the current value of loose-AFA graded TMNT action figures between 1988-1994. I periodically scan eBay and will providing value based on what people are willing to spend to obtain a specific figure.


I am proud to announce that my new website geared towards fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure collectors is now open as of April 2017. I have been collecting TMNT action figures for over 25 and currently specialize in 1988-1994 figures. I hope to add a price guide and message board soon. Check out our new forum under the social media section! Fan of my site?  I want to hear from you!



 ​Top three AFA TMNT figures up for grabs on eBay right now (September 17, 2017). Some nice figures on eBay this week but most remain overpriced.

​a. 1988 Raphael AFA 85 ($200)!-Best Deal Out There!

​b. 1992 Rhinoman AFA 85 ($125)!

​c. 1992 Hothead AFA 85 ($205 or best offer)!



My commitment to amassing the a World Class TMNT AFA collection continues to be strong, as is my commitment to sharing it with other collectors. I have made several updates that I hope you enjoy.  Happy New Year!!!



I am constructing an "estimated" population report of various TMNT action figures graded by Action Figure Authority (AFA). If you own AFA graded figures and would like to include them in our estimated population report please e-mail me at madknighter@gmail.com.   

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