I have TMNT AFA Action Figures, how do I get them included on the website's TMNT AFA Population report?

​If you frequent this site and have any AFA graded TMNT action figures from 1988-1994 I whole heartedly ask for you to lend a helping hand and share your information with our website.  It is very easy to report. Just give me the name, year, grade and serial number on the figure and it will be included in the report.  I can be e-mailed at

How do I use the TMNT AFA Estimated Population report on this site?

​Using our AFA estimated population reports are very easy. Simply select the year of the figure you are interested in looking for and find it on the page. Figures will be categorized by AFA grades starting with highest graded figures at the top and working down to the lower graded known figures. All figures will be listed by serial numbers which can be found on the AFA tags.

I am currently working to log as many figures as possible in my spare time, but still have a long ways to go. TMNT AFA graded figures from 1988 and 1989 are nearly complete. Some other figures are listed, especially if they are rare figures such as Scratch or Hotspot as I know these are of high interest to collectors.

What is the TMNT AFA Estimated Population?

​The Action Figure Authority (AFA) provides a service of professionally grading action figures.  It is currently estimated that the AFA has graded 1000s of TMNT action figures between the years of 1988-1994.  My hope is to archive as many of these figures as possible by year.  There are several purposes for this:

1. This will help to curb the curiousity of all serious collectors in terms of what is truly out there for TMNT Action Figures from this time span.

2. Archiving TMNT AFA graded figures will better help collectors to determine how rare certain graded figures truly are.

3. AFA has fallen short in maintaining their archive and making it accessible to the public.